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Worthy Words

Quotable quips from the Zen M gang, their friends, and beyond.

I’m gonna sing a line then I’m gonna riff a little bit then I’m gonna sing again then I’ll riff a little more.
– Phil, covering Tom Petty

Your sweatpants are hanging on both sides, do you have those on backwards? You got front butt happening.
– Mason & Madding

Mystery solved! When asked what’s the difference between a violin and a fiddle:
“A fiddle is a violin you can spill your beer on.”
– Kyle’s great Aunt Maude, virtuoso fiddle player

It feels good all along my g-string.
– Phil about his repaired and resuscitated bass

Ted: Did you talk to the bass maker?
Phil: No, but I talked to his daughter…

Would you like to be shot to death with a crouton gun?
– Phil to Emily, being empathetic to her gluten intolerance

That means a lot coming from an autistic.
– Emily, thanking Phil for a compliment he gave

We embellish with integrity.
– Kyle Mason

I feel good ’cause I’m adventurous but I’m sad ’cause it’s not as good.
– Phil, about ordering food at a diner

It’s not the size of the room that matters, it’s whether you have a PBR trough.
– Madding, in the green room backstage at the Oriental Theater

You gotta rub it before you put it on your mouth.
– Phil, massaging his Qdoba before unwrapping it

I didn’t like that guy’s organ.
– Justin, commenting on the local band he watched last night

I’m waiting for my sponge bath later.
– Madding, laid up with a bum knee but playing live on KGNU anyway. Some great attitude directed toward his roadie.

Let me paint a Picture of Where I live now: Just went into a country gas station to use bathroom. They had signs on each aisle describing what each contained. Aisle number one’s sign was “fireworks, ammunition, fishing reels” I feel like you needed to know that.
– BJ to Geoff via text, after arriving in South Carolina

By the way buddy, I’m big spoon.
– Geoff to Ethan

Is that water room temperature?
– Ethan Bernstein

They saw a whale.  They’re doing alright.
– BJ about Ted and Sarah, even though they had their computer stolen in Bolivia.

One response to “Worthy Words”

  1. Ethan "TweakyE" Bernstein

    Ethan @ Jarret re: Mando Monitor Mix:
    “…I promise, you will be handsomely rewarded!”

    Ethan@Zen Mustache during Riverwalk load out:
    I’ve figured out the next thing I need to purchase…and it’s not a double-sided rubber… Well you know what I was about to say. 🙂

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