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Epic-ness in Jamestown.

Banner at Jamestown

How to have an epic evening.
1. Book a show at a venue that has the friendliest, chillest people. In the mountains is preferred.
2. See if they’ve got amazing home-grown cooking on the menu for the night you’ve booked.
3. Jambalaya works great for this purpose.
4. Get another great band to join you for the night. Be friends with them, and not just on Facebook.
5. Make sure someone in the crowd has a birthday. Or just got engaged. Or both.
6. Make sure the space for the musicians is tight, for example (purely hypothetical) it’s a space that should barely fit four, but then you try to fit seven. Then try to squeeze in the other band on top of that.
7. Bring your best and brightest sound man. He’s gonna be working hard at the board.
8. Bring lights.
9. Find a talented show opener solo act.
10. If possible, do all of this on the night of a spring thunder snow storm.

Nothing but epic last night in Jamestown. If you’re in need of a little ‘epic’ in your life, come out to the next Zen Mustache show. Seems ‘epic’ follows us wherever we go… Gotta love that.

Set list from Jamestown Merc 4-14-12

Up On Cripple Creek ^
Baby Hold On ^
I Know You Rider
The Valley
Sweet Inspiration
Come Together
Whiskey, Wind and Wheat
Black Water
Can’t You See
Boogie On Reggae Woman
You Ain’t Going Nowhere
Shoes in the Road
Loving Cup
Feelin’ Alright ^
Call Me Al ^
Wagon Wheel ^
Snoop Dogg Medley ^

^ Packed liked sardines onto an tiny stage, rocked these tunes with our pals from Chain Station

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4 responses to “Epic-ness in Jamestown.”

  1. Tyler Higley

    I would like to get a copy of this performance.


  2. Lisa Petrella

    I’m hollerin’!! Can we score a copy of that recording??? Tony and I were at the show at The Merc, and it was AMAZING! Rockin’ jams, yummy food, and an AWESOME mountain town crowd!

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