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Contrasts – The Goat & The Merc – Notes & Set Lists

The founder of a company I once worked for shared something many years ago: Make time to find the things that you are passionate about, and do those things. Start now. Don’t squander your time trying to figure it all out – go do the things you’re passionate about, and others will […]

Laughing Goat 7-8-2016 Notes and Set List

Damn. At the Laughing Goat last Friday I was reminded how quickly circumstances can change, and how easy it is to hurt the people we care about. Despite my innate wiring to build up and never tear down, and though I had no ill intentions, I still managed to hurt a friend, a […]

BCFM 4-9-2016 Notes & Set List

Thank you Boulder County Farmers Market! We appreciated joining you for a Saturday filled with fabulous sunshine, friendly food vendors, and a relaxed farmers market scene. We had some concerns how rusty we might be on stage since we’ve been focused these past months on writing new music, not performance. We needn’t […]

Before and After – Laughing Goat Notes and Set List

The Laughing Goat in Boulder has had some recent face-lifting. Improved seating to make the performance area even cozier than it had been; new copper water faucet, stylish and functional yet still tucked out of the way at the end of the bar; an upgraded 12-channel mixing board is a godsend for larger […]

Laughing Goat 10-17-2014 Notes and Set List

Almost more fun than we could handle this weekend at the Laughing Goat. Definitely our favorite intimate Boulder venue, where we get to unplug a bit and push out semi-acoustic versions of our tunes. Mix in a celebratory atmosphere for Phil’s birthday and the general cool vibe of the Goat itself and voila! […]

RiverFest 6-29-2014

View From the Stage – Laughing Goat and RiverFest Notes & Set List

Last week Zen Mustache played back-to-back shows on Saturday night at the Laughing Goat in Boulder, and again on Sunday afternoon at the South Platte RiverFest in Denver. Both dynamic, energizing and fun shows! Some stark differences, too.
I’ve written before about the tight stage at the Laughing Goat. The venue’s small space […]

Chalk Art Festival 6-1-2014 – Notes and Set List

Last week Zen Mustache played at the Denver Chalk Art Festival. We played this event last time it was held and this year was just a terrific as then. Couple things that stand out:
1. Trey, the event coordinator, was super-relaxed and easy to work with. Parking could have been a chore, but […]

Finding the Balance – Upslope Notes & Set List

We had a blast playing music last night at the Upslope Brewery tap room. The band had been off stage for a few months, so getting back in front of the crowd with a live performance was like taking in lungfuls of fresh outdoor mountain air. Breathing life and energy into the soul! […]

Frozen Dead Guys Days – Salute and Set List

Dear frozen dead guy,
We were so sorry to hear that you had passed. Really. It was a shame and a real loss, we’re sure to you especially. But then someone went and started an annual party to remember you. Over the years the party has become filled with strange rituals embodying […]

Brrr! Shivering at WinterFest – Notes & Set List

Today we set a record for our coldest outdoor performance ever at WinterFest on Old South Pearl in Denver. None of us were too worried about our body core temperature – it was the extremities, in particular the fingers, that were of concern. Single digit temps have a way of slowing down the […]