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Brrr! Shivering at WinterFest – Notes & Set List

A Christmas Story - Tongue
Today we set a record for our coldest outdoor performance ever at WinterFest on Old South Pearl in Denver. None of us were too worried about our body core temperature – it was the extremities, in particular the fingers, that were of concern. Single digit temps have a way of slowing down the performance, when there’s no way to play with gloves and there’s no chance to keep those digits truly warm. Even keeping instruments in tune proved to be a challenge. That we pulled off any solos can only be attributed to some spiritual intervention. It’s all part of the adventure of live music, and thankfully our set was 90 minutes, just within the pain tolerance threshold.

With hand warmers in our pockets and propane heaters lit, we took the stage and enjoyed the company of other adventurous folks who navigated the icy streets for a bit of shopping, hot cider, sleigh rides, and tree finding. We even had visits from an 8-ft snowman and a funny walking Christmas tree. With incomparable sound technician Allen Noftall of Space Recording and Live Sound on the job, we made the best of a cold situation. Thanks, Allen, for making the sound seem so easy! And many thanks to Marilyn, Allison, and Nicole at HobNob Events for inviting us to WinterFest. We hope to be back again next year – hopefully about 40 degrees warmer…(!)

By the way, with a performance like this under our belts, I think we’re ready to play Frozen Dead Guys Days in Nederland in March. That’s right people! Look for Zen Mustache on the FDGD stage – so pumped!!

Set List:

I Know You Rider ##
The Valley ##
Cripple Creek ##
Come Together ##
Left Work Early ##
Feelin’ Alright **
Hey Jane **
Baby Hold On **
Hunger Strike **
Barton Hollow **
Patriot **
Awakening **
Hallelujah ++
Why You Been Gone So Long ++
Loving Cup ++

## Finger temperature = uncomfortable
** Finger temperature = complete loss of feeling
++ Finger temperature = are you kidding?!?

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