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Laughing Goat Set List and Notes

Fun times at The Laughing Goat last night! We went in having played the Goat once before, but never really knowing what to expect trying to squeeze our 7-piece band onto a stage better suited for 3. We had a nice write-up in the Boulder Weekly, and we had a few surprise visits from folks who hadn’t seen us before, who made the trip to the Goat. Solo artist Eugene Christopher kicked things off setting the mood with soulful vocals over a lone acoustic guitar. Then we quickly sardined ourselves onto the stage. Throughout the night Phil’s bass guitar rapped my head and Kyle’s ass was in my shoulder blades. Few people could see me but if they had they would have seen a mile-wide grin across my face. For all the activities the band does as a group, from writing to recording to traveling to just hanging out, there’s nothing better for the soul than actually playing music together. I don’t care where – in the basement or in a field or on a stage – but I have to say The Laughing Goat is way up there for fun places to play.

Set list:

The Valley
Barton Hollow
Baby Hold On
Hey Jane
I Can’t Stay Here
Left Work Early
Hunger Strike
Bouncin Round the Room → Shoes in the Road
Can’t You See
Best I Can
Women & Wine
Cripple Creek
Loving Cup
Whiskey Wind & Wheat
I Know You Rider

Encore: Why You Been Gone So Long?

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2 responses to “Laughing Goat Set List and Notes”

  1. Kay Plantz

    Love your eclectic music. Thanks for sharing out here in cold Minnesota.

    1. Zen Mustache

      Thank you so much for the shout-out, Kay! Do you have our music on your music player? You can get all our published stuff on Some of it’s already free but if you’d like our originals, shoot us an email and we’ll send you a download code so you can get it for free too! Stay warm!

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