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BCFM 4-9-2016 Notes & Set List

Thank you Boulder County Farmers Market! We appreciated joining you for a Saturday filled with fabulous sunshine, friendly food vendors, and a relaxed farmers market scene. We had some concerns how rusty we might be on stage since we’ve been focused these past months on writing new music, not performance. We needn’t have worried! Our fingers found the notes. Ted did a great job setting the sound levels. We all dropped into a comfortable groove. Best of all the bustling market of families and neighbors helped us along with plenty of dancing and attentive smiles.

One highlight of the day was inaugural performances for two new songs ‘When I Leave’ and ‘Go On Living’. Excited to work some new material into the set – more on the way soon!

Something about performing music always brings me precisely into the present moment. There’s a difference between expectation and experience. Expectation is what we hope for, what we long for. Experience is what’s actually here. Letting go of expectation so we can stay focused in the present, is the path to happiness. Music does that. Dance and painting and sculpture and other art forms are all expressions of letting go and staying present. Another activity I’ve discovered keeps me precisely focused in the present moment is rock climbing. Even mountaineering and snowboarding, which are inspiring and challenging, leave space with my thoughts to contemplate and build expectations. But music and rock climbing are activities that take me to a place where there is nothing but the notes, or the rock problem, or the vibe with the crowd, or the euphoria of completing a pitch. In the space where my expectations and longings have vanished, and only the present experience fills my mind and senses, those are my happiest moments.

Set 1
Baby Hold On
The Valley
Women & Wine
Left Work Early
You Ain’t Going Nowhere
When I Leave ++
Can’t You See
Whiskey, Wind & Wheat

Set 2
Come Together
Cripple Creek
Loving Cup
Boogie On Raggae Woman
Sweet Inspiration
Drift Away
Grandma’s Place
Go On Living ++
Black Water
I Know You Rider

Set 3
Bouncing Around the Room
Feelin’ Alright
Sample in a Jar
I Can’t Stay Here
Hey Jane
Best I Can

++ First Time Performed

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