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Anatomy of a Set List

When a band takes the stage there is an invisible performer that no one ever sees — the set list! Like a good DJ the set list does a lot of things to generally drive the tone of the performance:
– sets the tone of the performance early
– builds and lowers energy like the ebb and […]

Contrasts – The Goat & The Merc – Notes & Set Lists

The founder of a company I once worked for shared something many years ago: Make time to find the things that you are passionate about, and do those things. Start now. Don’t squander your time trying to figure it all out – go do the things you’re passionate about, and others will […]

3 Reasons We Create Art

3 Reasons We Create Art

ZM took a hiatus from performing the past few months – new babies and holiday bustle took priority. We’ll be getting back out there with live shows lined up in January, February, and beyond. Stay tuned for those!
In the meantime, here are some New Years Day thoughts about how music, and all art in general, […]

Laughing Goat 7-8-2016 Notes and Set List

Damn. At the Laughing Goat last Friday I was reminded how quickly circumstances can change, and how easy it is to hurt the people we care about. Despite my innate wiring to build up and never tear down, and though I had no ill intentions, I still managed to hurt a friend, a […]

BCFM 4-9-2016 Notes & Set List

Thank you Boulder County Farmers Market! We appreciated joining you for a Saturday filled with fabulous sunshine, friendly food vendors, and a relaxed farmers market scene. We had some concerns how rusty we might be on stage since we’ve been focused these past months on writing new music, not performance. We needn’t […]

FATE Brewery Notes and Set List

Turning 40 wasn’t supposed to be a big deal. Nothing to worry about, I assured myself, it’s just another day. But thanks to my wife Cheryl, and FATE Brewery, and the Zen M gang, my 40th birthday turned out to be a big deal after all. A very good deal.
Cheryl asked what […]

Weekend of Life and Death and Music

Last week my friend Eric’s father was killed in a mountain biking accident.  I didn’t know the man (Steve) but I know Eric and I spent half a day Friday driving with two of Eric’s friends to the memorial service in southwest Colorado.  The memorial was hosted at Steve’s house, and most of the 30-40 guests […]

KGNU 4-9-11 … Sweet Community Connection

Last night Zen Mustache played live on KGNU. This was a special treat for us, not just for the exposure but also because the show was streamed live over the internet. Many of our out-of-town supporters finally had a chance to hear us LIVE! I got a number of messages through facebook […]

Set List and Notes from D-Note: Evolution of the Performing Band

Set list and thoughts from D Note in Arvada 2-12-11
The Valley
Come Together
Clam Slam
Hey Jane
It Won’t Eat *
Best I Can
Loving Cup
Purple Rain
* first time played
Evolution of the Performing Band
Last night’s one-hour set at the D Note in Arvada felt good. Everyone agreed it worked great.
After a super-quick setup, Ethan worked the soundboard running […]

Recorded Live

Yesterday took us back into the studio to begin work on two more songs (specifically, “Hey Jane” and “Shoes in the Road”). This is always an exciting, stressful, and strange experience for me; exciting because of the potential of creating something special, stressful because of the uncertainty of the final product, and strange because doing […]