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Laughing Goat 7-8-2016 Notes and Set List

Damn. At the Laughing Goat last Friday I was reminded how quickly circumstances can change, and how easy it is to hurt the people we care about. Despite my innate wiring to build up and never tear down, and though I had no ill intentions, I still managed to hurt a friend, a dear friend, at this show. The juxtaposition of musical revelry and painful feelings leaves me in a place of melancholy introspection.

The music itself was wonderful that evening. Joshua Powell opened with a reflective and emotive set. As we took the stage, within the first few songs we developed a palpable dynamic energy with the close-in crowd. We could all feel the power of the moment, especially Ted who was all smiles. If I was Albus Dumbledore I couldn’t have conjured a more relaxed yet tight musical experience that night.

Those moments on stage are powerful, yet also fleeting. In some ways so are the emotions of a friendship or really any relationship, be it professional or personal. But emotions are slippery, aren’t they. Happy emotions as well as the harsher emotions we try to avoid. They come and go, yet they can have a lasting impact. On this particular Friday my experiences on- and off-stage reinforced just how ephemeral things can be in our lives. How random and beautiful and painful and vivid life can be, and how seemingly small choices sometimes have big impacts. My take-away is this:

1. Be impeccable with your word. (As from the Four Agreements). This is much more than simply telling the truth. It means to speak with integrity. To say only what you mean – to not say things that are not in alignment with your feelings or intentions. Use the power of your words in the direction of truth and love.

2. Be present in this moment you are experiencing. It’s the only one that is real, and it will be gone soon. So make sure it counts.

Set List:
Left Work Early
Baby Hold On
Grandma’s Place
Go On Living
Come Together
Best I Can
Women & Wine
Whiskey Wind & Wheat
I Know You Rider
When I Leave
When My Time Comes
I Can’t Stay Here
Black Water
Can’t You See

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