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Contrasts – The Goat & The Merc – Notes & Set Lists

The founder of a company I once worked for shared something many years ago: Make time to find the things that you are passionate about, and do those things. Start now. Don’t squander your time trying to figure it all out – go do the things you’re passionate about, and others will do the same about things THEY are passionate about. Together, we’ll cover the bases.

Two recent gigs contrast in my mind. Don’t know what the experience was for the people in the crowd – we had several friends come to both performances – but for me there was a pretty stark contrast and I’m still not completely sure what was at the core.

Our gig at the Laughing Goat on January 13 was great energy and super fun.
Our gig at the Jamestown Merc on February 18 was no less prepared, but something on stage amongst the 7 of us felt off base.

About halfway through the gig at the Goat, Phil dropped a wink and a smile and I could tell we were all clicking, all having fun.
About halfway through the gig at the Merc, Phil spoke to us through the stage mic (where only we can hear each other) and encouraged us to “relax, just chill and be ourselves”. I think we all felt it, and even though things got better after Phil’s advice (at least for me they did) , I’m not sure we ever fully recovered.

I’m still not at the heart of what happened that night, or what went well at the Goat to make the energy so palpable. Was it the size of the crowd? Our ease or difficulty of setup? How many drinks we had in us? Which song we started with, or not enough covers, or too many covers?

Alas, there may be no answer. I know we’ve had AMAZING gigs at the Merc in the past, and disappointing gigs at the Goat, so it could just be the luck of the draw. I’m sure we will process it together as a group so we can maximize chances in the future of having more of those AMAZING experiences. At that same time, I think it’s ok to have a dud once in a while. It reminds me that sometimes things work, and sometimes they don’t, and the important thing is to stick with it, not get too hung up on it, and hang together with each other. It’s all part of the ride.

Set lists:

1/13 Laughing Goat         2/18 Jamestown Merc
Awakening         When I Leave
Can’t Stay Here         Left Work Early
Left Work Early         Come Together
Baby Hold On         Why You Been Gone So Long?
Barton Hollow         Barton Hollow
Grandma’s Place         Awakening
September         Already Gone ++
Go On Living         Sweet Inspiration
When I Leave         Boogie On Reggae Woman
Come Together         September
Best I Can         Go On Living
Hunger Strike         Hunger Strike
I Know You Rider         Best I Can
Hallelujah         Can’t You See
Can’t You See         Mountainside
Feelin’ Alright         

++ First time performed.

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