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Before and After – Laughing Goat Notes and Set List

The Laughing Goat in Boulder has had some recent face-lifting. Improved seating to make the performance area even cozier than it had been; new copper water faucet, stylish and functional yet still tucked out of the way at the end of the bar; an upgraded 12-channel mixing board is a godsend for larger acts like ours that barely scraped by with the 6 or 7 channels on the previous system.

Our performance last night at this classic Boulder coffee shop benefited from all these nuanced improvements but one thing was unchanged: fantastic energy in an intimate performance venue that continues to support independent local music. So grateful for the ongoing opportunity to be part of this scene!

What the stage looked like last night:

Speaking of independent local music, the artist who performed before Zen Mustache was truly entertaining and worth checking out. Brodie Kinder lit up the stage with his expressive singing, clever songwriting and engaging audience banter. My fav was a tune called Switch that maybe was an existential reflection on having a temper? Anyway, we are now fans of Brodie and his accomplice Melianie Jean. Hope to share the stage again with them sometime!

Here’s the set list from last night. Leaning heavier and heavier toward our originals – gotta love that. Speaking of new originals, we will be spending the coming months in the studio recording several tunes for an upcoming EP. Can’t wait to share that with all of you! Have a great winter-into-spring and we will see you out and about soon!

Set List 1-8-2016 Laughing Goat:
Hey Jane ++
I Can’t Stay Here
The Valley
Baby Hold On
Come Together ##
Left Work Early
Feelin’ Alright (Bouncin’ Round the Room intro)
Whiskey, Wind & Wheat
Can’t You See ++
Best I Can
Sweet Inspiration
Grandma’s Place ++ **

++ Melodica (3 melodica songs in one set – excellent!)
## First time bass solo intro blew a hole through the roof of the Laughing Goat; yeah it was epic.
** First time performed.

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