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Finding the Balance – Upslope Notes & Set List

We had a blast playing music last night at the Upslope Brewery tap room. The band had been off stage for a few months, so getting back in front of the crowd with a live performance was like taking in lungfuls of fresh outdoor mountain air. Breathing life and energy into the soul! The staff at Upslope was incredibly friendly and attentive – seriously, people, if you need a pick-me-up go find those friendly Upslope faces, grab a chair and kick back — they’ll be your great friends for at least a couple hours.

The evening was a balancing act. On one hand, leaning into the music and listening; on the other, relentless enthusiasm from the crowd that simultaneously energizes and distracts. On one hand, finding space for each instrument and trusting each other; on the other, external drama that competed for our attention. On one hand, seeing friends and fans in the crowd who we’ve missed dearly; on the other, missing the faces of others we wished could be there. It’s the great balancing act of the performer – staying connected to the moment and the people and the environment while still reaching inside to tap into the passion and give it away.

Set List:

Left Work Early
The Valley
Come Together
I Know You Rider
Sweet Inspiration
Best I Can
Hunger Strike
Whiskey, Wind & Wheat
If You Don’t Wanna Love Me
September ++
Bouncin’ Round the Room
Baby Hold On
Hey Jane
Cripple Creek
All These Things I’ve Done
Loving Cup
Boogie On Reggae Woman

++ Featuring Phil Moss on trumpet

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