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Laughing Goat 10-17-2014 Notes and Set List

Almost more fun than we could handle this weekend at the Laughing Goat. Definitely our favorite intimate Boulder venue, where we get to unplug a bit and push out semi-acoustic versions of our tunes. Mix in a celebratory atmosphere for Phil’s birthday and the general cool vibe of the Goat itself and voila! a night full of great energy.

Set List:
The Valley
Hey Jane
Why You Been Gone So Long
Best I Can
Can’t You See
Women and Wine
Come Together
Can’t Stay Here
Black Water
Baby Hold On
I Know You Rider

Wonderful seeing many friendly ZM fans and even had a few new folks who introduced themselves after the show. Great night!

And lastly a bit of indulgent introspection:
We’ve been a bit sparse on performances lately – focusing on our studio recordings (check ’em out here). We’ve done that purposefully and for me personally I’ve missed the live performance. Not unexpected, but still stark in my mind, is the realization when it’s something that feeds the soul, even if you intentionally turn away from it for a bit, that thing you love never diminishes. Sure, it may feel far away or off to the side for awhile but it doesn’t fade or wither. Friday night I was reminded of that in a rush of experiences. There’s nothing better than getting on stage with a bit of a plan but in the moment just winging it, recognizing there is no safety net and plunging in anyway, feeling connected with people both on and off stage, coming out on the other side unsure exactly how you got there. In the end, a bit like the stage of life, what matters is giving 100%, sticking with it no matter what happens, playing hard and with honesty, and pursuing epicness each step of the way. Give me another night on a stage with my friends, playing music in a room full of terrific people. I’ll take that every night of the week!

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