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Mud, costumes, beer, music – Notes and Set List from FDGD2015

Mud, costumes, beer and music. It was all there in Nederland this weekend. Show up and it felt like being surrounded by a thousand of your closest drinking buddies. Men and women, adults and children graced the grounds at Frozen Dead Guy Days, and we were thrilled to be part of the scene. Many thanks to Amanda, Bruce, JB and all the rest of the workers and volunteers who made the scene extraordinary!

Last year after Zen Mustache’s first appearance at Frozen Dead Guy Days, I wrote a salute to Grandpa Bredo, attempting to articulate the friendly and spirited mountain vibe that is his legacy in this grooving mountain town. Not sure my literary efforts can measure up. We were invited to participate again in this year’s merriment, perhaps in no small part because the organizers leveraged our namesake for their 2nd annual Mustache and Beard Contest. Whether they wanted us back for our name or our music doesn’t matter now; we found ourselves overwhelmed by the packed-beyond-capacity tent full of Dead Guy party people who dished back in spades each ounce of energy we pushed through the sound system. I’ve written before about the power of the audience, and yet it’s a new rush each time we hit that stride with the crowd. Wowza!

Set List:
Left Work Early
The Valley
Come Together
I Can’t Stay Here
Hey Jane
Loving Cup
Best I Can
Sweet Inspiration
Sample in a Jar


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