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Laughing Goat Set List and Notes 5-3-2013

Talk about a night of contrast. At last week’s DaVita event we maxed out all 32 channels on our mixing board. Last night at the Laughing Goat we downshifted and worked with just 8 channels. In the world of live music that’s an insane difference, especially when five of those channels are dedicated to vocal mics. Justin’s new hand-made cajon was a part of the solution, as was playing keys on the house acoustic piano.

Once the music kicked in, any evidence of sound challenges faded as an invisible connection gradually materialized between people on stage and people in the crowd. Kyle was in the zone. Emily simply killed it on harmonies. Phil filled the pocket with grooves both structured and freeing. Geoff and Ted passed the electric guitar back and forth, each song reaching some new tier on a steady march up the mountain of musical vibe. The small room got filled with big energy, and our appreciation abounds for the good people who shared the evening with us. On a night like last night, it’s the best place to be.

Set list
Barton Hollow
The Valley
I Can’t Stay Here
Left Work Early
Hunger Strike
Bouncin’ –> Shoes in the Road
Can’t You See
Women & Wine
Cripple Creek
Loving Cup
Whiskey Wind & Wheat
I Know You Rider
Hey Jane
Baby Hold On
Feelin’ Alright
Black Water
Why You Been Gone So Long **

** Encore by request
Laughing Goat Poster Cropped

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