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Cactus Jack’s 8-11-2013

Wanted to record the set list and notes from this gig in Evergreen. For me personally it was a fun gig because it came straight after a camping weekend. Rained Friday just before arriving (we camped outside of Jefferson, near the Colorado Trail) and threatened to rain all weekend but never did anything. Sunday morning we packed up and Cheryl + the kids dropped me off in Evergreen on their way home. Phil, who was watching Sienna for the weekend, drove my gear-packed Explorer to Evergreen, and we drove back to Boulder together at the end of the night.

This was nothing compared with Geoff’s logistics. He played the Campbell Rain Dance show on Saturday 8/3, drove to a wedding in the mountains on 8/4, spent all week camping with his extended family in Steamboat, then drove to Salida for another wedding on 8/10, before waking up in Salida and driving to Evergreen for this gig on 8/11. Crazy!

The gig itself was a lot of fun. The waitstaff at Cactus Jack’s are some of the best and friendliest we’ve met, and Jessica, who took care of us, was no exception. We got rained on about 2/3 through our first set and a lot of the patio cleared out, but we just played through and eventually more people filled up the patio.

It was especially fun to see Joe and Melissa whom we hadn’t seen in a while. They got a chance to meet Emily and get to know her. We saw Mandy, Sarah and Julie. Overall it was a chill scene. We used the opportunity to run through the set as we intended to perform at Bands on the Bricks, and deviated only a little. Really the only regret was we saw many of Emily’s friends come in at the start of the third set, but unfortunately she hasn’t learned those songs and sat out most of the set. They hung around until we were loaded out, so based on what they saw, those friends probably think Emily is a glorified cable-wrapper. 🙂

Overall a really nice afternoon of music, without a lot of stress.

Set One:
Loving Cup
The Valley
Come Together
Barton Hollow
Sweet Inspiration
Boogie On Reggae Woman
Left Work Early
Feelin’ Alright
Baby Hold On
Black Water
Women & Wine

Set Two:
Can’t You See
Why You Been Gone So Long
Hey Jane
I Know You Rider
Sample in a Jar
Drift Away

Set Three:
Purple Rain
Cripple Creek
Yellow Ledbedder
All These Things I’ve Done
Sweater Song
Call Me Al ++

++ First time ending with dueling electric guitars. Really nice – oughta find that groove again.

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